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About Entire Plumbing Solutions

Approachable, Friendly and Understanding

We’ve proudly serviced the Hastings region for over a decade.

We’re dedicated to onsite safety for both homeowners and local businesses and accredited with the leaders in workforce compliance and safety management: Damstra Technology, Brookfield Johnson, BGIS, DCFM and Cushman & Wakefield. 

With extensive experience in hot water, gas repairs, servicing gas appliances, blocked drain and pipework repairs; all your plumbing needs are covered with Entire Plumbing Solutions. 

Brad Moseley has over 22 years' experience in the trade and a great understanding of residential and commercial plumbing maintenance. Working alongside Brad is Kyle who has worked as a plumber for 7 years, and Josh who is a hard-working apprentice. 

The Entire Plumbing team is willing to go to the next step to ensure 100% quality plumbing repairs Guaranteed!

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Approachable, Friendly and Understanding